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Kilrogg Deadeye killed
Posted: 18.08.2015

The death of Kilrogg Deadeye brings Intuition to 5/13. Tough times ahead on Gorefiend. Hunter POV
Hellfire High Council needs counseling
Posted: 04.08.2015

The council boss of the instance out of the way, giving Intuition 4/13 in HFC. Frost Mage POV
Kormrok rocked
Posted: 23.07.2015

Thats it. Kormrok and his runes falls to the ground, letting Intuition climb to 3/13. Arcane POV
Fel Reaver met the Reaper
Posted: 20.07.2015

Second boss is out of the way, granting Intuition 2/13 in the Hellfire Citadel. Arcane POV
Hellfire Assaulted
Posted: 14.07.2015

And first boss on mythic is out of the way. Fel reaver up for grabs. Arcane Mage POV
Archimonde Heroic killed
Posted: 13.07.2015

First of many challenges in Hellfire Citadel out of the way. Archimonde proved to be well worth the title of an 'end boss'.
Patch 6.2 Hellfire Citadel
Posted: 22.06.2015

Summer is here and what better ways are there than to spend your time raiding the new Hellfire Citadel with us, Intuition. In order for our roster to be healthy throughout this tier, we have acquired several new players to strengthen our raiding force and
and Mythic raiding team. We welcome all recruits and wish them the very best of luck in Intuition

Expect to see videos and kill-shots from the upcoming Mythic encounters on our website this summer.

Recruitment is always open for players of high skill level, make your way to the forums if you are interested in joining us going forwards into the Citadel.
Blast Furnace blasts no more
Posted: 07.05.2015

Wipes has ended. Blast Furnace kill brings Intuition to 9/10M. Blackhand awaits. Monk POV Video
The Iron Maidens is the dead
Posted: 07.04.2015

The Iron Maidens is downed granting the Intuition 8/10M in the Blackrock Foundry instance. Disc Priest movie POV
Thogar licks tracks. 7/10M
Posted: 22.03.2015

Choo Choo. Intuition just killed Operator Thogar.Shaman POV | Priest POV
Kromog pulverized
Posted: 16.03.2015

Intuition loves mondays, as Kromog goes down making Intuition 6/10M in BRF. Clean kill with a brave Shadow priest and a random Monk last men standing. Paladin POV

You have reached the end...